Disney Channel Auditions

March 6, 2008


This open audition is for Principal Dancers Only. Actors please submit photo and resume to the casting director listed on the "High School Musical Actors Auditions" post. Extras, please see the extras information post.


DATE:Monday March 10 thru Sunday March 16, 2008

TIME: Click Here and enter your information for call-time to audition. Make sure to enter an email address.

* Update 3/19/08 - Additional dancers auditions dates will be listed on the above website if and when available.

LOCATION: Studio 600

600 South 26 East (across street from Grand America Hotel)

Salt Lake City, Utah

Parking: Street Parking

Due to stipulations from the production company, you must meet the following requirements to audition:

You must be a formally trained dancer.

You must be 14 (fourteen) years of age by March 22, 2008

You must appear to be someone who would be in High School.

If you are under 18 yrs old, you may bring one adult guardian, do not bring friend, siblings or anyone else. We do not have the space and they will not be allowed in. No exceptions

Please come on your call-time only. Do not come early or you may have to wait outside. If you have a picture and resume bring it with you.

Please don’t bring cameras or take pictures with cell phones you will not be allowed to audition if you do.

Come ready to audition in your dance clothes, you will be taught the choreography that you will audition with. We will not be seeing any group or individual routines.

Thanks and Good Luck,

Alan Baltes


*** Update 4-11-2008 ***

If you missed the auditions for High School Musical 3, do not fret. Plans for High School Musical 4 are already in the works!


  1. Ugh i wish i could!! I am 14 on April 7 like two weeks after march 22!!! this sucks.


    I am 23, look 17, have a Disney Channel personality, am an amazing dancer. I NEED AN AUDITION. PLEASE HELP ME GET ONE! I ALREADY EMAILED MR. JOHNSON BUT I CAN'T JUST SIT BACK. HELP!!!


  3. Thank for the information but i am not a professional dancer and i can dance really well but can't audition cause too far,I live in NYC and the audition in Utah.

  4. that's stupid that you have to be 14 i'm 12 and I want to be on disneychanne, that's why I asked about who wants to be the next disney channel star.

  5. disneydancerchic

    If you scroll down on the main page here to High School Musical 3: Senior Year *** Update ***

    then you will see that I posted the link to the dancers audition appointments well before yesterday. Yesterday I merely posted the location for the try-outs.

    Plus, there were some spots left as of yesterday. People need to realize that open auditions will always book extremely fast.

    You snooze, you lose. That's the nature of the business.

  6. Hi Alan are they allowing out of state people to be extras? I live in arizona but could travel.

  7. Anonymous

    The reason they want only 14 and up for High School Musical 3 is because you have to play a High School Student. You are 12.

    But you can be any age to work on Disney Channel.

  8. Hey Alan,
    I have a time for the auditions, but I am from out of state and I received an email from Jeff Johnson with the schedule for next week but it says on the notice it says that I can onl audition if my agency or dance group was invited. I am an Independent contractor and am very curious about what I should do. I mean I have my time does this mean I am all set?


  9. Derek Capobianco

    If Jeff sent you an audition time, then you need to get to Utah somehow and show up for the audition! If you can not get to Utah, then please email Jeff and cancel the appointment so that someone who will show up can take that slot!! Do this right away!!

  10. desiree

    This is for PRINCIPAL DANCERS only!!


    The extras casting will not start until filming begins. The extras need to be in Utah during filming to work obviously.

  11. *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***

    I sure hope that nobody signed up with Jeff Johnson for an audition appointment and expected a plane ticket to get to the audition!

    You need to be able to get to auditions on your own. That is how the entertainment industry works. Studios DO NOT send people plane tickets and put them up in hotels just for auditions.

    So if anyone was expecting to be flown to Utah to audition, you need to cancel the appointment to allow someone else to reserve that spot!!!

  12. Hey Alan,

    I actually am going ou to utah i scheduled a flight...

    is there a way you can email me so I could send you what I received from him and you can tell me what it means? I am really excited! I can't wait!


  13. Alan, thank you for the extra information, though I was not timely enough to receive an application for the open audition, I had one question. From your knowledge, do you think there will be any additional open auditions for dancing roles or extra musical roles? Thank you very much.

  14. can we still audition for high school musical 3? do they accept resumes form someone who lives in south america?


  15. This is a question about Derek Capobianco's comment. I live in Utah and already got my audition time emailed, but Derek said his email said he could only audition if his dance group was invited. What's that all about?

  16. i am a really good dancer and actor but im 12... i dont really have formal training but i do participate in school drama and i guess i just have a knack for dancing...maybe there is a way that i could be on a disneychannel show not necessarily high school musical 3... even though it would be REALLY cool! i am really interested in this so please respond!!

    ~Taylor, Arizona

  17. Hi Alan,

    I have recieved a email with the time and place for the audtion and i have bought a plane ticket so i am all ready to go. But, One question...would you happen to know what shoes (sneakers, jazz shoes) or clothes (leotard/tights or hip hop type alfit) I should wear to this audition?


  18. hey Alan
    I was just wondering if you could still go to Utah for the dance audtions, even if you dont have a time set up.
    I can fly down there at anytime, and I definatlly have the time, so I was just woundering if someone can do that? ~thanks

  19. Alan,

    I just wanted to thank you so much for having this blog and letting everyone know about auditions. You are of course right. I went back and read that dancing auditions were posted before yesterday. I can't believe I missed that because I get the email updates and read them all. I was definitely not snoozing because I sent my resume in a long time ago and have been waiting ever since. I am so sad about this. Dancing is what I do, and it's a dream of mine to work with the choreographers Chuckie and Bonnie. I am checking every 5 minutes for a cancellation, but I know there is no hope. I have not gotten a response from Jeff yet and I don't think I will.

    Anyways, thank you for everything you do. One of my friends got a role and the other got a screen test and is waiting for a call! 🙂


  20. dear mr bates my sister and i recieved an auditiontime for principle dancers for hsm3 we were wondering if we need to be in town longer than our audition dates for call backs we need to take the appropriate numbers of days off of school and dance

  21. My daughter somehow managed to get a call time for Wednesday,....right before they said there were no more apps accepted.

    Just wondering...Is this legit--hate to pay for airfare for a scam. SOrry, but I'm a born questioner....
    BTW-this has made her soooooo happy! Thanks for posting the info!

    Plus, some sites say only dancers with agents can audition, is this true or not?? She does NOT have one.

  22. To answer some of your questions.

    Yes, it is legit. This is the real deal.

    Everyone who got an appointment received the exact same email from Jeff Johnson. The email is VERY specific. You do not need an agent.
    Email Jeff back with any questions regarding when call-backs will be. You have his email from the one he sent you.

    The appointment is for ONLY you. You can only bring ONE adult guardian if you are under 18.

    Wear DANCE clothes. Also email Jeff regarding those questions, although I imagine he will expect you to know this if you are truly professionally trained as a dancer.

    NO you can not just show up without an appointment and time sent to you from Jeff Johnson. You will not be seen.

    And everyone ENJOY this experience. Because it is an opportunity of a lifetime, and you should cherish these moments every time one comes along. Also, you will become SAG (Screen Actors Guild) eligible if you get hired! These auditions are not for extras! And the pay is very good.

    Good luck guys and keep us posted!!

    Alan Baltes

  23. Will there be any auditions for people younger than fourteen? Let's say 12 going on thirteen?! Will there be any Hannah Montana auditions? Off topic: How did your show idea go?!


  24. Dear mr. Bates,
    dear alan,
    I just have one quick question..... Will you be posting a blog about when extras auditions open????? Ya see I can dance it just has to choroegraphed. But then again pretty much anyone can do choroegraphed dancing. But other than that I only had that question. Sorry if there are lots of spelling errors and such..... I'm typing this from my I pod so its much harder than a regular keyboard!


  25. hiya my names emma and i would really want to go high school musical because i like dancing and singing please w/b

  26. hiya my names emma i am 17 and i would like to be in high school musical 3 and i love dancing and singing w/b

  27. Kyle

    They do not have auditions for extras. You simply register with http://www.utahextras.com and they will call you if they want you to work. They call the day before you work, so you must live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area to work, or at least be there during filming.

  28. Hey Alan I was just wondering if you got the dancing job, how much do you get paid?

  29. Hi Alan,
    I have an audition time and date, but I was wondering if we needed to be in Utah for just that date or if we got the job we would need to stay an extra day or something?
    Also, I'm from out of state so if for some reason I couldn't make it, what would I need to do?

  30. Alan,
    My name is rachel.
    im 14 years old and have been dancing since i was two. i would love to sieze this oppurtuniy, but it says no longer taking applications. does that mean there is no way i can adution? thanks for the posts. please comment back thank you

  31. Dear Mr. Bates,
    my name is Tori and im 14 years old. Ive been dancing for 12 years and its my passion. I know how tough this business is, and how fast its booked. But i just wanted to clear up a miss understanding. It says no longer taking applications? So there is absoutly no way possible i could adution for this now? If not, still thank you for posting these audtions and ill be sure to check in for more! thank you so much:]

  32. Hey Alan,
    My name is Nolan and im from massachusetts, i signed up on utah extras, and i would really enjoy being an extra in that film, however living so far away i would have tp book my flight and living situation before i leave and a head of time. Do you reccomend me sending my headshot, resume, and coverletter to the adress by mail.


  33. ________________________

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Alan,
    I have an audition time and date, but I was wondering if we needed to be in Utah for just that date or if we got the job we would need to stay an extra day or something?
    Also, I'm from out of state so if for some reason I couldn't make it, what would I need to do?


    To whoever posted this

    As I stated before, if you really did receive an appointment from Jeff, you have his email. Ask him about the call-backs.

    And if you think that you might not make it, CANCEL your appointment now so that someone else can take that spot. I get furious when I hear people say that they reserved a spot, and then they say they "might not" be able to make it to the appointment. This is serious business and if you reserve an audition appointment "just for fun" or "just in case " you "might" be able to make it, then you are TAKING AWAY a spot from legit dancers who want to buy a plane ticket and fly to Utah for the audition.

    The same goes for signing up with Utah Extras for extra work. If you are not living in the Salt Lake City area, or will not be there during filming, then DO NOT sign up with Utah Extras! They are getting upset at the amount of people who are signing up from out of state and are not even remotely serious about being in Utah during filming.

    I would like to continue posting these casting notices here, but if people go and reserve an audition spot, and DON'T EVEN KNOW if they can get to the audition, then I will have to stop posting live audition reservation links here.

  34. rachel

    As I stated on the post, I am leaving the audition reservation link open in case there are any cancellations, so just check it frequently. There may also be additional casting calls for dancers. Also this is for DANCERS. People can still send in their photo and resume for smaller acting roles to the address on the blog.


  35. wuzzybear08

    Yes, of course you can audition in the future. As long as you canceled the appointment. A "no-show" means you had an appointment and did not show, or canceled at the last moment.

  36. Hello, I got an call time and was planning on going to audition. however, I injured my ankle in class today and I will not be ready or able to dance for a few weeks. I responded to Jeff Johnson Casting and told them this to cancel my slot. Will I still be able to audition for Disney Channel in the future?

  37. ok Im 15 and I live in Florida we have FCAT testing this week of March 10 that I cant miss.I do have dancing experience and would love to be in the movie. I dont have an audition but I do have a resume can I turn it in and still audition to be a dancer? thank you

  38. babiebludancer20

    Yes, you are ok if you did indeed cancel. There may be additional auditions for dancers for HSM 3, but for now this is it. You can still send your photo and resume to the casting director listed on the previous HSM 3 post.


  39. I recently logged into the website that I submitted to get an audition and there was a time for me, but I have not recieved an e-mail. I have booked a flight, but if I have to get an email to audition I don't really know what to do. Sorry to bother you, but thank you so much for creating this blog and dedicating your time to it and these comments.

  40. Hey alan,

    I just have one quick question how do I register to be an extra in Washington state? See I wanted to be an extra but I don't live in Utah so I would have to book a hotel or something and stay down there. Plus I'm attending college and would miss lots of class time. But this is my dream and I'm gonna have to sacrifice some things to get here I wantto go!!! But yeah that was my only question! And thank you so much these blogs have been really helpful!!!!!


  41. Hi,
    I signed up and received an audition time last week, but I'm not able to make it. I emailed them back with the email address that they sent me the email with that I wouldn't be able to make it on my audition date and I told them to take my name off the list and give it to someone else. Would I still be able to audition for any other Disney Channel shows? And are there going to be any other kind of auditions for High School Musical 3?

  42. Hey Alan,
    My name is Nolan and im from massachusetts, i signed up on utah extras, and i would really enjoy being an extra in that film, however living so far away i would have tp book my flight and living situation before i leave and a head of time. Do you reccomend me sending my headshot, resume, and coverletter to the adress by mail.


  43. Hi my name is Jazzmin Hill I live in Cleveland Ohio. I currently attend a performing arts school and I major in dance. I have recieved many scolarships for dance and I love it so much as well as I love all of the arts... I was apart of the first stage production of Highschool Musical where my director was Pierre Brault... I WOULD LOVE TO BE APART OF THIS... PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY INFO.... Deashjazz@aol.com

  44. kay

    hi alan thxxx for this cool blog
    i love coming over and reading new auditions.Ihave a question when you go to audition don't you need to know what part your auditioning for i really don't get it..

    write back

  45. Hey Alan, I was just wondering about possibly being an extra in high school musical 3. I'm not from Utah, so would it still be possible to be an extra? I saw earlier that you said you had to live there or be staying there at that time...so do you know the times i would need to be staying there?

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