Disney Channel Auditions

December 9, 2008

How To Make a Disney Audition Video

Prepare and memorize a 2-3 minute two person scene, preferably from the Disney Channel show you are submitting for.

Make sure you are in a quiet and well-lit room (the Disney casting directors want to be able to see and hear you!).

Make sure you are filming in front of a colored wall or wearing a colored shirt.

Your Actors Slate (How they identify you):

When you are ready to film make sure the camera is at a ¾ to full body shot.

Clearly state your name, height, hometown, and agent name if you have one.

The Disney Scene:

Perform the scene.

Make sure the person you read with is to the side of the camera (not in view).

Make sure you read the scene to the reader (don’t look at the camera).

Do as many takes as you need but only send in your best 2 takes.

Submitting for Disney Auditions:

When you are ready to send in your audition video, please attach or send a resume. The resume should include your name, contact info, age, and any experience you have.

It is NOT necessary to submit an audition video unless specifically asked for by the Disney casting director in the casting notice.

Disney Channel Auditions

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