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January 14, 2011

Disney XD casting new lead roles for series pilot Lab Rats aka Billion Dollar Freshman

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It's a Laugh Productions and Primetime Emmy nominated producer Mark Brazill are producing a new multi-camera comedy series pilot for Disney XD. The project was formerly titled "Billion Dollar Freshman," but has been renamed "Lab Rats". There also have been rewrites of the scripts and instead of just two brothers as the stars, they have added a sister named Bree to the mix.

The "Lab Rats" casting director is currently casting for the new role of Bree. The character is very pretty, great sense of humor, and physically nimble. Although Bree is a teen version of Lara Croft, she also be a typical teen girl with innocent gullibility. The actress should be 13 - 16 years old to play 15, and preferably looks similar to her brothers, played by Spencer Boldman and Billy Unger (see below):

Another series regular being cast is the role of Donald Davenport, who is an extremely wealthy technology wizard who creates the bionic teens Adam, Bree and Chase. He is in his 30-something to mid 40's, and can be any ethnicity.

Both roles require good comedic skills.

Shooting on "Lab Rats" will continue beginning in late March, 2011.

Principal Actor Casting

See the post titled Headshot and Resume Information regarding how to submit for acting roles.

Please submit photos and resumes by mail only.
No phone calls or personal drop-offs.

Los Angeles:

Howard Meltzer
Lab Rats Casting
1201 W. 5th Street
1st Floor Suite M160
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Extras Casting

Los Angeles:

Central Casting
220 S. Flower St.
Burbank, CA 91502
Registration Info: (818) 562-2755
(Do not send photos to Central, you must register in person)

Production Companies:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, they will most likely end up being thrown away. Production companies hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions and conduct the auditions.

It's a Laugh Productions, Inc.
1040 N. Las Palmas Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Disney XD
3800 W Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91505

Producers: Mark Brazill, Chris Peterson, Bryan Moore

Director: Mark Cendrowski


Billy Unger - Chase
Spencer Boldman - Adam
Tyrel Jackson Williams - Leo


Siblings Chase, Adam and Bree are high tech bionic clones who are part of a top secret development for the military. They each have unique special skills - Chase is the most intelligent, Adam has the most strength, and Bree is the quickest. Their creator, hi-tech inventor Donald Davenport, keeps them in a secret lab isolated from the world. But when the three end up sneaking off to spend a day at school, they realize there is more to life and begin to question their willingness to be nothing more than military weapons.

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