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October 8, 2010

Disney Channel auditions and casting information for Camp Rock 3

There is a great deal of optimism that Camp Rock 3 will be going into production at some point depending on the success of Camp rock 2: The Final Jam. Cast members such as Joe and Kevin Jonas have indicated a strong desire to do a third movie in the Camp Rock franchise.

While being interviewed by Robyn Ross of TV Guide on July 23, Ross asked Joe Jonas, "Any chance we can get a Camp Rock 3 on the big screen?". Joe Jonas replied, "Hey, let's do it! Camp Rock 2 has an ending where it can continue." Keven Jonas was also quoted as telling the website J-14, "I'm up for it! 'We love going back to Toronto!'.

Although 'Camp Rock 2' is titled 'The Last Jam,' Disney Channel says it does rule out a 'Camp Rock 3.' At the August 7, 2010 D23 screening of Camp Rock 2: The final Jam, Senior Vice President of Original Movies for Disney Channel Michael Healy stated "Never say never" when asked if there would be a Camp Rock 3.

Executive Producer Alan Sacks has worked closely with Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato on various Disney Channel productions including 'Camp Rock', 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam', 'JONAS L.A.' and 'Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream'. He also produced the Walt Disney Pictures' film 'Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience'. It would be highly likely that Sacks will executive produce Camp Rock 3.

Writer Daniel Berendsen has been on board and wrote screenplays for Disney Channel movies 'The Cheetah Girls: One World', 'Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie', 'Hannah Montana: The Movie', 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam', and the upcoming 'Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie Sequel'. There would be a very good chance that Berendsen will be on board for a third Camp Rock movie.

Toronto casting director Stephanie Gorin has cast the Disney Channel movies 'Jump In!', 'Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars', 'The Cheetah Girls', 'Camp Rock' and 'Camp rock 2: The Final Jam'. Gorin would likely cast Camp Rock 3 if it was indeed filmed in Toronto.

So far there has been no official announcement from Disney that there will be a Camp Rock Trilogy. However, if Camp Rock 3 gets the green light from the studio, the auditions and casting information will be posted right here on this blog as soon as the details become available.

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