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September 20, 2007

Dadnapped! Casting Information

*** Dadnapped Casting Has Been Completed ***

Production Company:

Disney Channel in association with

Salty Pictures, Inc.
4080 S West Temple
Salt Lake City UT 84107

Filming Location:

Salt Lake City and Magna, Utah


Emily Osment - Melissa Hamilton
Denzel Whitaker - Sheldon
Moises Arias - Andre
George Newbern - Neal
David Henrie - Wheeze
Jennifer Stone - Debbie
Jonathan Keltz - Trip Zoome
Seth Packard - Sammy
Hunter Schone - Joe


"Dadnapped," finds 14-year-old Melissa with a bad case of sibling rivalry, only her competition is a fictional character in her father's best-selling novel about a teenage super spy. When her dad is abducted by a gang of obsessive fans Melissa is transformed into the superhero that her dad imagines in the best-selling novel he's written. Melissa is called upon to track him down, can she channel her inner super spy?

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