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May 13, 2013

Disney Channel auditions underway for hit series 'Dog with a Blog' season two

Disney Casting Dog With A Blog

Disney Channel's "Dog with a Blog" centers on an amazing dog named Stan.
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It's a Laugh Productions is now in production on the second season of the hit comedy series "Dog with a Blog" and the Disney casting director for the show is auditioning talent for guest starring, recurring, and day player roles. Extras are being hired throughout the season. The multi-camera sitcom premiered on Disney Channel on October 12, 2012 and was renewed for a second season on February 4, 2013. In a highly admirable corporate decision, Disney Channel has been airing Public Service Announcements in conjunction with "Dog with a Blog" educating kids on responsible pet adoption and encouraging kindness to animals.

The show centers around a family and their intelligent talking dog Stan, who the father rescued from a shelter. The father has a teenage son and young child daughter from a previous marriage, and the mother has a young teen daughter who is also from a previous relationship. The teens clash with vastly different personalities and interests, and the father's young daughter is smart but is somewhat overindulged and demanding. The kids end up forming a bond as they try to keep Stan's abilities a family secret. The series stars G. Hannelius, Blake Michael (Lemonade Mouth), Francesca Capaldi (A.N.T. Farm), Beth Littleford (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart), Regan Burns (Wizards of Waverly Place) and Stephen Full (I'm in the Band) as the voice of Stan the dog.

Casting for the original role of Stan the Dog was quite special. The senior vice president of Disney Channel stated, "With our track record of discovering young talent who are 'triple threats,' we launched a nationwide search - and our reward is that we found a dog who could talk, blog and do his own stunts. Working with kids and animals has never been more fun!" What Disney found was Kuma, a 4-year-old Husky/Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix rescued from a shelter and trained by Guin Dill and Steve Solomon of Good Dog Animals in Green Valley, CA. Good Dog Animals has been training and providing dogs and other animals to the film and television industry for over 40 years. In addition to Kuma, a second dog named Mick has been cast to replace Kuma in the role as an understudy.

"Dog with a Blog" production company It's a Laugh Productions is a an owned subsidiary of the Disney-ABC Television Group. The company has produced such Disney Channel shows as "Wizards of Waverly Place," "Hannah Montana," "Shake It Up!", "Jessie," "Kickin' It", "Good Luck Charlie," "Liv & Maddie," "Girl Meets World," and "A.N.T. Farm" among many others. Don Mink and Amy Rabins founded It's a Laugh Productions in 2004. The duo have been partners in another company called Prep Shoot Post since 1988, a post-production accounting firm. "Dog With A Blog" was created and is executive-produced by Michael B. Kaplan. His credits also include "Frasier" for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award, "Roseanne," "Doogie Howser, M.D." and "Girlfriends" for which he received a BET Comedy Award.

Minors and foreign talent must be legally eligible to work in the state of California and in the United States.

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It's a Laugh Productions
427 S. Victory Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91502


Michael B. Kaplan
Judd Pillot
John Peaslee


Note: Various directors work different episodes during the season. In television shows composed of individual episodes, the television director's role differs from that of a film director in that he or she may work only on some television episodes as opposed to the director of an entire film production. In episodic television productions, the major creative control resides with a producer of the show. The television producer with creative control is called the showrunner (in this case Michael B. Kaplan).


G Hannelius - Avery
Blake Michael - Tyler
Francesca Capaldi - Chloe
Beth Littleford - Ellen
Regan Burns - Bennett
Kuma and Mick - Stan the Dog
Stephen Full - The voice of Stan the Dog


In "Dog With A Blog," Tyler (Blake Michael) and Avery (G Hannelius) are new step-siblings. Tyler is popular, charismatic and seems to get by solely on his looks, and Avery is smart, socially responsible and despises guys like Tyler. However, the biggest adjustment for the newly blended family comes with their new dog Stan (Kuma) - who talks and blogs. He's smart, a bit of a trouble maker and loves his new family, who must keep his marvelous ability a secret. Stan's canine point of view, whether in the home, in the yard or on his blog, helps the kids navigate both their new sibling situation and ultimately, becomes the tie that binds the family of five (Tyler, Avery, little sister Chloe (Francesca Capaldi), Mom (Beth Littleford), Dad (Regan Burns). Even though he talks and likes a lot of "human" things, Stan is still pure dog. He chases his tail, barks at mailmen, ardently approaches poodles and is not so wild about cats.

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